diabetes type 1 how long can you live

See if you can guess which one is me

My name is Lisa, after being diagnosed with diabetes I entered into a state of shock. I knew very little about the disease and after being informed by my practitioner that I had to take diabetes meds for the rest of my life, this was not something I was willing to settle for. I was still hopeful that there will come some day and I shall be cured. The explanation I got after asking what could have caused the condition was that it might have been inherited. Honestly, to me, this didn’t make sense since no-one in my family has ever been diagnosed with diabetes. The misinformation made me start researching about the disease and it was then that I learned some surprising facts.

I came to know that the disease is rather common not only in my country but the rest of the world as well. I have to agree to the fact that my research journey was not a walk in the park. The heavy medical terms made it things difficult to understand but I somehow managed.

After consistent research, it was then that things started making sense to me. I learned that the liver produces Insulin-like Growth Factor IGF which is a hormone responsible for the regulation of blood sugar levels.

I discovered that there is a lot that the medical fraternity hides when it comes to diabetes. They prescribe meds with severe side effects that only treat symptoms rather than the root of the problem.

When I learned that it is possible to increase the production of insulin naturally, this gave me more hope of getting cured some day. I read several testimonials of people who had been reversed diabetes in a matter of months.

I implemented a guide I found online on how to cure diabetes naturally through increasing the IGF and when it I went for my usual checkup, the results shocked everyone. My doctor even went ahead to recommend that I seek a second opinion.

She was actually surprised that it was possible to get such an improvement in a short duration without taking diabetes meds. But, somehow I don’t blame her. Doctors are taught to believe that medicine is the only cure not knowing that when they prescribe drugs, someone, somewhere is harvesting billions in terms of profits.

With the influence that the pharmaceutical industry has it is the capability to educated people about the IGF, they can even do it in form of pills. However, their greediness can’t allow them. They want you to take diabetes meds for the rest of your life so that they milk your money.

The only drawback I read about related to IGF was the fact that it might not work on some people. These cases are however very rate and it’s not something that should worry you.

The most exciting thing about this cure is that there are no injections or meds. Everything is achieved through an eating healthy. It will not only help reverse your diabetes but will also help prevent and cure other chronic diseases.

If reading is not your day to day cup of coffee you can get video demonstrations on the various foods you should eat, how you should prepare them and the perfect combination. Say no to insulin shots and meds, it’s time to go natural.

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